From Antwerp (Belgium)

From Antwerp take the direction Gent (E17).
After Gent direction Lille (E17, ignore the exit Paris, extra kilometers!).
From Lille direction Paris.

At Lille (Henin/Arras) take the toll road (péage) to Paris (A1).
Near Senlis (end of toll road) keep direction Paris.
At the airport Charles de Gaulle direction Bordeaux. You are driving over the ’Rocade’ around Paris, keep following Bordeaux.

After Paris stay on the toll road A10 (Bordeaux - Orleans)
At Orleans direction Vierzon/Limoges/Toulouse (A71).
At Vierzons the toll road ends.
Go successively to Chateauroux, Limoges and Brives (A20).
From Brives to Montauban Nord another section of toll road (A20).
After the toll road keep direction Toulouse (A20) and Montauban.

Before the access to the toll road towards Bordeaux/Toulouse keep left and take the ’Route National’ N20. This is a two lane road in the direction of Verdun-sur-Garonne and Toulouse (notice the green road signs).
After passing the access road to the toll road go straight on roundabout and straight again on the next roundabout.
After about 2,5 km to the right direction Verdun-sur-Garonne and Dieupentale.
Through Dieupentale (several rounabouts) direction Verdun-sur-Garonne.
In Verdun-sur-Garonne go to the right after passing the city walls and keep right while passing ’la Poste’ (post office, on your left) and the ’Groupama’ (on your right).
At the roundabout go straight (Super-U on your left).
After Verdun-sur-Garonne take the exit ’COMBEROUGER 10 km’.
After about 7 km to the right direction Comberouger (D3).
At Comberouger straight at the roundabout direction Beaumont-de-Lomagne.
About 250 meters after the roundabout to the right, near the Auberge (restaurant), onto a small village square with a cross.
Behind the cross turn left onto a badly maintained small road until you can’t go any further, then to the right exiting the village (the road goes up).
You pass a grain transportation company and keep following the paved road uphill, with a sharp corner to the left.
You pass two garbage containers (on your left) and then you see a yellow ochre mailbox on your left.
Turn left before this mailbox and you will see the Dutch flag of “La lune”.


lattitude: 43.8711140982
longitude: 1.09982371330

By air

Amsterdam - Toulouse (Blagnac): KLM/Air France (Blagnac – Comberouger: plm 40 km)
Brussel Charleroi – Carcassonne: Ryannair (Carcassonne – Comberouger: plm 130 km)

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