Willem & Plonie SmitWillem en Plonie Smit, we were born and raised in the north west of the Netherlands after which we lived for about 30 years on the Veluwe (east). Willem was officer in the army and Plonie was apothecary’s assistant.

During the majority of the summer holidays we went camping in France with our kids and slowly but surely we fell in love with the French ’joie de vivre’ lifestile.
When Willem could stop working on the age of 55 and some of our friends had moved to ’La Douce France’, we decided to move to France as well so we started looking for a nice place to live.

Because of the micro climate and the favourable position vis-à-vis the Pyrenees, the Mediteranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, our search was directed towards the region Midi-Pyrenées.
In August of 2001 we found this house in the province Tarn-et-Garonne, near the village Comberouger. A rural farm, built in the fashion of the region, with two hectare land.

Although ’bien renovée’ we had to invest many hours refurbishing. As a house without central heating isn’t very comfortable during the winter period, we even hired a building contractor. Our combined efforts resulted in a house that is fitted up like we prefer!

Because the house is very large and we are ’just the two of us’ we came up with the idea to start up a gite, so we devided the house into two halves. The garden is large enough to ensure everyone’s privacy.

In our spacious garden have we placed for our guests a heated swimming pool (5x10 water treatment with salt), a swing, a sand box and a trampoline.

In the spring season 2015 have extend our facilities with a big well equipped safari tent suited for 5 persons. We have chosen a nice place next to the wood with view on our garden and privacy.

As we are mad about gardning, we created a veritable vegetable garden, a lot of flower beds and we planted a lot of fruit trees. Nowadays we fabricate our own jam and other delicacies from the proceeds of the garden (for instance relish and chutney of our delicious sun-drenched tomatoes). Plonie’s hobby is molding. During the summer there’s more than enough to do, reason why she mostly occupies herself with this during winter.

It will give us great pleasure to let you enjoy the beautiful nature, the peace & quiet and the good French life!

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