La lune

“La lune” was built 1821 in the building fashion of ’Lomagne’ and served as housing and enterprise for the family Tauziat, a humble farmers family.

A traditional way of building was used, namely ’terre’ building blocks. ’Terre’ building blocks were fabricated from yellow clay (loam) mixed with menure and the were dried in the sun. Because of the loam the farm is relatively cool during summer and relatively warm during winter.
Two large fireplaces (cheminees) were used for heating, filled up with the heat that was produced by the cattle in the stable that ajoined the living quarters, now the living / dining room.

Until 1970 “La lune” was occupied by families from Comberouger.

Then it became the second house of a family from Paris, who made several changes to the ground floor.
The stable became a room and a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom were added.

In 1990 “La lune” was bought by an English family.
At that time three bedrooms and a small bathroom were created on the former pigeon attick.

In 2001 we became the proud owners of “La lune” and - in part with the help of a contractor, in part by ourselves - we made change to “La lune” that resulted in a house where we feel at ease: spacious, characteristic, comfortable, ’warm’ en cosey.
But, please make your own judgement.

La lune - holiday home (gite), safari lodge tent and two swimming pools


ComberougerThe village Comberouger has around 300 inhabitants.

For your daily shopping you will have to go to Beaumont-de-Lomagne - a medieval stronghold where you can find three supermarkets, many small shops, cosey restaurants, a post office, doctors etc. - or to Verdun-sur-Garonne, which has a large supermarket.

Two large lakes with beaches and recreational facilities and several swimming pools you can find at about 9 km from our gite.

Although this area (still) has very little tourism there are ample possibilities for entertainment. Especialy during the summer season a lot of activities are being organised like brocantes, vide-greniers, diverse kind of markets and cosey eat- and wine- feasts.

Typical for ’Lomagne’ are the green rolling landscape, the panoramic views, sunflowerfields, forests, rivers, lakes, dovecot towers and castles.


The climate circumstances are different.
Wintertime can be very cold with snow.
Spring can be pleasant; very high temperatures in the summer is possible (that’s why the houses in the region are build with thick walls).

In the period between April and October the average weather circumstances are very pleasant.

Statistical weather data

(average day temperature in °C)


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